USM Hurricane Preparedness plan

The University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory has been in the path of several storms in the past decade. Their experience and related Hurricane Preparedness Plan provide useful guidance for coastal facilities across the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to Dr. Read Hendon for this resource.

1. Since GCRL initially developed this document, it has gone through several iterations. Every storm results in fine-tuning or added activities. So, the plan will never be in a truly “final” stage.
2. The plan is based on input from many people and based on experiences from a variety of tropical systems, ranging from barely a rain-maker TS to Hurricane Katrina, so it is fairly comprehensive. However, there are weather conditions – and consequences – yet to faced, so this should not be viewed as a be-all/end-all document.
3. Appendix B is an excellent addition drafted by the GCRL Finance Director as she dealt with their FEMA reimbursement request and associated documentation for Hurricane Nate in 2017.

Disclaimer: Other institutions should consult with their state EMAs and local FEMA offices for specifics relative to their region. This is particularly important for the Purchasing Guidelines section in Appendix B, which will undoubtedly vary from state to state. The plan is specific to storm preparedness actions for the GCRL sites and supplements Information provided internally by USM.